5 Best Ludo Apps to Make Money and earn cash

Nothing can be better than bringing cash while playing our number one game Ludo, which we used to play as a youngster sitting with loved ones in our life. I have some encouraging news assuming you are very good at Ludo and often beat your teammates. Now you can use your potential and spare time effectively and earn money by playing Ludo against different players on the web.To learn more about satta king games then clikc here.In this content you will know best information about 5 Best Ludo Apps to Make Money and earn cash

Due to the startup explosion in India, many designers have provided expertise based gaming applications that give you the opportunity to go up against players from all over the world and win real money. There are many applications that let you play Ludo in different outfits like 1 vs 1/2/3/4 player, restricted time game, restricted move game etc. It is irrelevant to have every Ludo application on your telephone. That’s why I have ordered a list of 7 Best Ludo Earning Apps that Ludo has to offer in various organizations. Try some of these to see what works best for you.

1. Winzo Gold

I have earned a ton of cash for one using this application playing various games including ludo. To find out about its prevalence, Winzo has 70 million dynamic subscribers and big names like Dhoni and many famous Youtubers can be seen promoting it on various stages like TV. Winzo is somewhat of an all rounder application where you can play 50+ games in some assortment like Activity, Board, Card, Cricket, Tech, Sports, Dashing, E-sports, Leisure and Arcade games to name a few.

Winzo Ludo and Ludo Express were recently added with some different guidelines. In Ludo Express, you just have a 2 minute game where you get 1 point for each tile you move. If you can do without a number on the dice, you also have 3 re-turns.Hit a six on the dice and get an extra move. Gain extra focus when you hit an opponent and the opponent loses some of the focus. The best 2 scorers divide the prize money into an inconsistent range. Winzo Ludo is practically like Ludo Express as far as rules go, except you get 4 minutes to play without any respins and only the top scorer gets the full winning amount.

2. Zupee

With 2 Crore downloads ZooPie offers 3 Ludo games with different guidelines and outfits – Ludo Supreme, Ludo Ninja and Ludo Turbo. Ludo Supreme is a time-sensitive game. For example you get 8 minutes to play in a 2 players game and 10 minutes in a 4 players game. Again, Ludo Ninja and Turbo are games with restricted moves for example you get 18, 24 and 30 actions depending on the organization of the game. Stunning dice values ​​and flawless game system differentiate Ludo Ninja from others. Some of the similarities are extreme, for example, you don’t need to move a 6 to start the game in either outfit.

3. BigCash

A somewhat fresh application is a particular advantage of playing over a new application with far less rivalry. My partner and I tap the play button together and get into the same game without fail. Rest you know better what to do when 1 out of 3 opponents is your real partner. Rs 20 is offered when you join BigCash and the entire cashback amount can be used to play games like Ludo, Cricket, Bulb Crush, Soccer, Vehicle Racing, Crate Ball etc. You can spin the wheel once a day to get reward money and cashback offers at the stores.

4 players are expected to start Ludo game in Bigcash where main 1 or 2 players get prize money on configuration. You need to score as much as you can in limited 18 maneuvers.


4. Gamezy

Gamezy with answer of 1 Crore subscribers is remarkable application which offers 15+ games including Ludo which you can play against different players and win real money. With renowned cricketer KL Rahul as the brand diplomat, Gemzi was promoted on TV during IPL 2020. You get Rs.50 when you join GameZee and an additional Rs.150 on saving Rs.50, assuming you use my reference code BKQ195. Gamezi Ludo Board is completely unique with respect to other Ludo games and you might feel awkward at first.

Quick Ludo Mode, as its name suggests, rewards the player who brings home the first pawn really quickly. In any case, before entering the house, you must kill the opponent pawn at least once. .

5. Ludo Fantasy

Ludo Fantasy is, in fact, the least difficult application on this list to bring in cash to play Ludo with other players on the web. You will get Rs. 10 sign-ups as a reward that you can use to play your most memorable match. For example the only mode is Speedy Match where you hope to bring home 2 pawns to win against your main opponent. Gain extra turns by capturing an opponent’s piece, throwing a 6 on the dice, and bringing the piece home. The rules are essentially the same as the exemplary ludo we used to play in our experience growing up except there are only 2 pawns you really want to bring back against a lone player instead of 4.


I hope that you will read this article carefully.Because in this article you will find all deep information about 5 Best Ludo Apps to Make Money and earn cash.This article will surely help you to find solution of this problem and question.Thank you for reading this article.

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